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Paradigm Shift is Old!1/17/2012 3:09:55 PM

It's been a couple years since we've tried to do anything organized, and even longer since we were doing it well. But here we are again, a band of older, fatter brothers, strapping on the old bandolier once again. -P- has returned with a pretty recognizable cast of misfits, joined by a couple of new ones. We are participating [read: not competing] in the TWL BF3 8v8 league.

We did poorly in first round against The Love Shack last week, and less poorly in the second round. I would say we improved about 200% between rounds 1 and 2. Hopefully the trend continues tomorrow night in our second match versus No 1 Left Behind, a team we know nothing about. Hopefully they're terrible and we can eek one out!

First official BC2 match5/16/2010 1:34:20 PM

We played our first official BC2 match vs Rez last weekend.  I had to work late so I wasn't able to attend which is probably why we won.

2-0 with around a 60 ticket advantage each round.

This week we head to the worst bc2 map.  Big desert, lots of tanks, boring for infantry.


We're back!4/30/2010 2:15:04 PM

We have joined the Team Warefare Battlefield Bad Company 2 league and our first pre-season match is this Sunday.  Since Ram and I aren't the only old guys on the roster anymore we aren't taking this very seriously.  Just out there for some shits and giggles - no practice or scrimmages.

So far BC2 seems pretty fun - although league play can be completely different from pubs when people start to find pixel shots and all the other tactics that can dramatically affect the game.

Hope to see everyone on the battlefield.


2 rounds, 1 overtime4/29/2008 9:07:17 AM

Paradigm Shift defeated 2 Years 1 Beta in overtime in week 6 of CAL. The match took place on ctf_mach4. In round 1, -P- quickly got behind 2-1, but went on to capture six times to win the round 7-2. In the second half we decided to play a retarded hybrid turtle, which basically meant less offense but not more defense. I'm not sure how that works, but we let 2Y1B capture five times to tie the score, forcing an overtime round. OT was pretty exciting, with both teams getting early touches, but no captures. At one point we had their flag in the hallway, but resisted the urge to throw ourselves at it like madmen, a strategy that has doomed us in the past. -P- eventually captured the docs, thanks in part to some nifty scouting by Sabotage. GGs all around.



We put the 'bad' in badlands!4/21/2008 10:56:54 AM

Paradigm Shift lost by the score of 0-2 to Team Fidelity on cp_badlands. As far as maps go, this one is not quite as linear as most of the cp maps, and therefore has a higher learning curve. We did not play the map in preseason, and clearly were a step or three behind the teams we scrimmed leading up to the match. I think we developed a decent baseline strat for badlands, but our rudimentary set-up paired with relative inexperience was not enough to defeat a good team like Fidelity. Hopefully we'll offer more of a challenge for them in the future, preferably on a different map ;-)